Automate your KYC Process for Business Clients

Natural Language Processing (NLP) software for financial institutions

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Say goodbye to analyzing documents manually.

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Sinpex makes it easy to adapt to the latest regulatory changes. Questionnaire templates can be created or modified within seconds.

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Say goodbye to manually analyzing every document and focus your decision-making skills on critical cases. Sinpex replaces the 4-Eye-Principle at a fraction of current costs.

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Sinpex takes care of all documentation required for the audit, versioning, and even tracks communication between front and back offices.

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Sinpex captures primary data and checks secondary sources for supplementary information. Having traceable, readily available data keeps you in control of the decision-making process.

Ensuring Compliance,
Enabling Business with Sinpex


Flexibility to adapt to regulatory changes.

Determine the impact of new regulation in mere moments.


Complete more profiles in less time.

Sinpex’s attention to detail increases data quality.


Audit-proof documentation.

Deeplink to meet your regulatory requirements.


Decision Intelligence.

Fast, rigorous and accurate output.

Sinpex is faster and more accurate than trained analysts

Financial institutions must balance time, costs, and risk to achieve success.

Enable expert judgement, full control, and transparency from a web-based application. Sinpex is easy to use and allows more time for edge cases.



More Accurate


Productivity Benchmark

The benefits get leveraged by  PeP-, Negative News, and Sanction Screening - enabling your business while keeping regulators happy.

8 hours

1x Analyst with Sinpex
99% Accuracy

4 Eye Principle (2x Analysts)
98% Accuracy

1x Analyst without Sinpex
95% Accuracy

base value


faster data capturing for compliance processes

compared to the base value

Increase your
compliance performance

Uniform data points

Sinpex automates most of your data collection effort and learns fast if you apply questionnaire templates.

Recurring verification

Recurring verification leverages the power of Sinpex. The higher recurring verification, the higher your productivity gain.

Diverse documentation

Analyze diverse documentation, such as scans, different layouts, and even different language.

Sinpex Use Case


It takes time to collect, validate, and update information for millions of customers. Constantly changing requirements to KYC needs to be rethought. We help you complete KYC and AML checks from end to end with minimal manual effort.

Fund prospectus analysis

Traditional prospectus analysis remains inefficient as manually accessed information is stored across disconnected electronic and paper files. Barriers to access, aggregation, and benchmarking can compromise a bank’s reputation.

Digital Onboarding

The same ‘digital first’ approach banks use to optimize commercial and operational performance can now transform your Client Onboarding. Welcome new clients with Digital Onboarding from Sinpex.

Tailored Solution

If you need help collecting information from documents and storing data sources -- you need Sinpex! Contact us for a Custom Solution. Sinpex centralizes knowledge and makes it easy to access and trace information.

Perfect for you if you are

Use Sinpex as a complete solution or to enhance your existing capabilities.

Easy integration with the tools you already use

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